We have in-clinic and portable ultrasound machines that enable us to examine and diagnose abdominal and cardiac abnormalities in a non-invasive manner, mostly without sedation. Ultrasound guided biopsies are even possible with local anesthetic in some cases. Our portable machine allows us to diagnose pregnancy in horses, cattle, sheep and goats on the farm in very early stages of pregnancy.

Our Digital X-ray units are the most up-to-date technology available, and produce very high quality x-rays that are ready to be viewed in just seconds. With this technology we can also consult with colleagues and board certified radiologists easily by sending radiographs via email for quick diagnoses in difficult cases.

We have endoscopy available to explore and biopsy the throat, lungs, stomach, and large and small intestines in a minimally invasive manner. Our Olympus Flexible endoscopes can be used on both large and small patients for diagnosis and treatment in cases of chronic respiratory or gastrointestinal problems and for foreign body removal.

We now have video otoscopes available to better visualize the ear canal and other areas such as the nose and mouth at greater magnification. This helps in diagnosis and follow-up to treatment.

Our surgical patients are monitored with the latest electronic monitoring equipment. Oxygen perfusion (SP02), heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, and ECG are all monitored during surgery and until recovery to insure the least risk to your pet. Gas anesthesia with Isoflurane allows for quick recovery times and a safe but effective level of anesthesia.

We have recently added an in house laboratory to do CBCs (Complete Blood Counts) and Blood Chemistries so we may more quickly diagnose and treat your pets. This saves time and can allow better and faster treatment in critically ill patients.

Our State of the Art Technologies:

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